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Lisa's homemade chicken noodle soup

Category: Soups

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Lisa's homemade chicken noodle soup
Lisa's homemade chicken noodle soup

You can add veggies to this recipe if you would like I just prefer it to be with no veggies added.

Chicken thighs or leg quarters.
bag of egg noodles
chicken bullion cubes

First you boil your chicken in a stock pot (don't forget to put water in the pot, ha ha) until it's cooked thoroughly then when that's done take out the chicken using tongs and put it on a plate....let it cool. Then with the same water that you boiled the chicken in add whatever noodles you wish to use... I use the egg noodles. Add 2 or 3 chicken bullion cubes, parsley, salt and pepper to taste of your desire. Let the noodles cook until done when the noodles are just about done add your chicken but remove the skin off the chicken first and remove the chicken off the bones. I use chicken thighs or leg quarters. Once all the chicken is in stir and you are done. *Note: If the noodles seem to absorb the water you can add more water to the pot and if needed add a couple more chicken bullion cubes to make more chicken broth. ENJOY!!!

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